If I had to describe Legacy in two words...I would have to say that he is "absolutely mind-blowing"! As powerful as that phrase is, those two words would still fall under the classification as an understatement! Hailing from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, Legacy, also known as Legacy the Great, cleverly inks catchy, soulful lyrics across tracks in which he creatively captures the mind, body, and soul of his songs’ listeners. Growing up in a culture predominantly dominated by hip hop and R&B, Legacy not only managed to master the craft of putting together hits within the two genres but he has also managed to crossover into the main stream pop world and write hits that have been heard across the airwaves of the United States as well as abroad. Legacy started writing professionally at the age of 23 and after migrating from his

hometown of Elkton, Kentucky to Atlanta he would soon find himself in cahoots with some of the hottest artists, producers, and songwriters in the country. He then began ghostwriting for several artist ranging from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, London, Paris, and as far out as Melbourne, Australia. Legacy enjoyed developing his talent and networking with key industry professionals but the ghost writing route in which he had been primarily pursing would come to a screeching halt in the latter part of 2015. At that moment, Legacy decided that he was ready to finally follow his heart and pursue his true passion of becoming an artist. Now, in his rookie season as an artist, Legacy looks to blaze his way onto the music scene and prove to the world that he too deserves a place in the game.


Photographer: Martin DeKorte of InfiniD Studios

Musician: Legacy the Great